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4 Advantages and Disadvantages of School Uniforms


Many institutions across the country have done away with school uniforms. There are many that have hold onto the practice. Like most rules or systems in schools, one cannot help but get into a heated debate while talking about the advantages and disadvantages of school uniforms. Both sides have some very strong arguments and one can say that the debate is almost evenly poised. Let us explore the advantages and disadvantages of school uniforms in an objective manner to form an informed opinion.

Advantages of School Uniforms

1. Maintains Rules and Policies
A school is an institution, which must have certain rules or policies. There should be certain systems in place that would apply to one and sundry. The dress is just one of the elements that must be uniformed. All students wearing the same uniform don’t just look good but it makes everyone feel an equal and integral part of the larger institution. It is a way of establishing equality, uniformity and it can also strengthen the bonding among students and their emotions with the school. Many students are proud of their school uniforms, they hold onto them for years and are often nostalgic when they grow up. That is just because of the bond they have shared with their schools and cherish it in a symbolic way.

2. Worry Less About Dress and More About Education
School uniforms offer respite to parents who don’t have to keep purchasing new and different clothes for their kids. Students don’t have to worry about picking a dress. They don’t need to feel compelled to dress better or differently. They can spend more time focusing on their academics than fashion. School uniforms are mostly just two or a few sets of the same dress and that makes washing and drying, ironing and maintaining the clothes much less of a chore for parents.

Disadvantages of School Uniforms

1. Can Be Expensive for Parents
If school uniforms are substantially expensive then parents may be stressed to pay for them. Instead, they could simply buy some affordable clothes or even use clothes of their older kids, as is the practice in numerous families. Neither parents nor the kids should be compelled to wear something, which they may not like, might not find affordable and they may even be uncomfortable wearing.

2. Discourage Individuality
School uniforms prevent kids from expressing themselves and to find a degree of individuality. Kids may want to find different ways of expressing who they are if they cannot wear and look like the way they want to. Those experiments to express their individuality may not be art or something pleasant.