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7 Pros And Cons Of Single Gender Classrooms


There was a time when most schools were either for boys or for girls. Many schools had separate buildings and premises for boys and girls but were the same institution. Single gender classrooms have always been debated and it still raises some very conflicting opinions. It is eventually the preference of parents and the wish of the child, when the child can decide, that would influence the choice of school but it is wise to consider the pros and cons of single gender classrooms.

Single Gender Classrooms Pros

1. Fewer Distractions for Kids
The most noteworthy of all advantages is the fact that kids will focus more on studies and would have fewer distractions. Kids are vulnerable to distractions of all kinds. In mixed gender classrooms, boys and girls are distracted by one another. This may take focus away from education.

2. Easier to Manage
Single gender classrooms are easier to manage and the faculty can use educational approaches that are fit or perfect for the specific gender. Boys and girls cannot always be approached in the same way, unless the topic is completely unisex. Teachers will be able to have better impact on students with specific approaches.

3. Operate on Single Set of Rules
The cost of running single gender classrooms can be more manageable as the facility doesn’t have to cater to the needs of boys and girls. Only one kind of infrastructure and set of rules would be necessary, whether it is the bathrooms or the school policy. Mixed gender schools require different sets of rules for boys and girls pertaining to many aspects.

4. Cognitive Development
While everyone’s cognitive development would be unique, it is well known that girls mature faster than boys. Hence, the educational approach wouldn’t be a mismatch for either boys or girls in single gender classrooms.

Single Gender Classrooms Cons

1. Lack of Data
There is lack of scientific data or sufficient studies that clearly infers single gender classrooms to be more effective.

2. Sensitiveness Towards Opposite Genders
All kids will grow up and will have to mingle in mixed gender environments. It has been seen that many who have their schooling in single gender classrooms are unable to blend in mixed gender environments. From gender specific issues to sensitiveness towards the other gender, one has to deal with some complications later in life.

3. Groom Kids in a Fixated Way
Single gender classrooms often groom kids in a very fixated way, to an extent where the kids tend to develop certain perceptions about life, their gender and the relationships with the other gender.